I'm an artist with a passion that goes back to when I could first hold a crayon, a designer with an endless curiosity and want to explore new concepts. I have several years of experience with professional graphic design and I'm even more in love with it than the day I started. The more I learn, the more I realize I have yet to learn and that thrills me. Give me a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome! I'm up for almost anything!


I surprised everyone when I announced that I was going to major in forensic chemistry my senior year of high school, they all assumed it would be in something at least a little creative, but my high school guidance counselor had me convinced that my aptitude for biology and chemistry would be better served in a lab (like you see on CSI). What didn't surprise anyone was when I changed that plan about a month into my first college semester. I was clever about it, went to a school with a good art program so I'd have the opportunity to minor in what I love, art. But by the time I got settled into a routine, I was dreading my core courses and the only relief was from the 2 art classes I had enrolled in to help my transition to college. Long story short, I changed my major and am very happy for it! I now hold a Bachelor's Degree in art with a specialization in graphic design.



My high school "career" was much like you would expect. I got good grades but I never really had to try too hard for that. I wasn't popular, I never was, but I wasn't a social outcast either. I had my little group of friends, they all called us weird, I guess we were. We weren't like the other kids, we liked school, we liked theater and were in every play and musical the school put on, we took every art course, choir for me, band for some of the others. We'd stay after school and take turns figure modeling for the others to draw. I was quiet until I was around them, they brought out the best in me, challenged me along with Mrs. Brown and Mr. Forespring (my art and photography teachers). I dare say, they were a big part of what made me who I am now.



Photoshop - advanced

Illustrator - intermediate

In Design - intermediate

After Effects - beginner

Lightroom - advanced



I would say I'm a good team player but I work well independently too. I'm pretty outgoing and fun and I like to make friends with my co-workers. I feel that it's important to have a bond with the people you work with and to communicate well with them. I consider myself a good communicator and am pleased to say that I'm well organized. Among the skills and qualities that I find important in myself, detail oriented probably tops the list, as it should with any designer, after all, the devil's in the details.


Word - advanced

Excel - intermediate

Powerpoint - advanced

Publisher - intermediate

Office - intermediate


Multi-line phone systems

Scheduling and appointment software

Microsoft Office software

Customer service






I've been doing freelance and contract graphic design since my junior year of college, I've done everything from flyers to logos to full on company re-branding. I really enjoy working these projects since everyone seems to be looking for something different and it's a great way for me to challenge myself to keep my spectrum broad. I've worked as a staff designer for TrioCollective and a contract designer for The College Money Guys, Spectrum Events Edmonton and LifeGuard.


I worked for about 2 years for Lifetouch, the nation's largest portrait photography company.This job was a wonderful experience! I love photography and this gave me a fantastic opportunity to explore it as a career. I learned a lot, including that I have a pretty good knack for photography, working with people, making them comfortable with me and most importantly, figuring out what they wanted out of their session and delivering just that.


I also worked with Portrait Innovations for about a year and found it to be yet another amazing learning opportunity. It really reaffirmed my love of portrait photography.


I had the pleasure of working with a very exciting couple of photographers with Morgan Lynn Photography. Ranked one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine and with bragging rights from numerous other major publications, I can honestly say I worked for some very seriously talented people. I also learned a lot about event photography and photo editing. 


One of the proudest moments of my professional career was this one. I was published as the Nationwide Photographer of the Month with Lifetouch, the largest portrait photography company in the United States. I was touted as the best of the best. Not only were my sales numbers some of the best in my region, my region's numbers were some of the best in the company. Beyond that, I had several wonderful comments from satisfied customers, glowing praise from my trainer and regional manager and I got to share some of my favorite shots from some of my favorite sessions.



"I approached Anya316 to set up a website from scratch, provide graphic design for the advertising, and to establish the social media profiles for the Spectrum New Year's Eve event. She was not only competent in her ability to meet our needs, but the creativity shown, the energy, drive, dedication and investment was such that comments were received within days of the website going live. Anyone using Anya316's services would be better for it. She was not only willing but able to work quickly, keep constant communications, share visions, adjust constantly to the needs as the event progresses, and provided results that I would challenge anyone to exceed. I would not only reccomend Anya316, but I am sure to be using her services time and time again. In short, you can't go wrong in having Anya316 as your graphic designer. You can only go wrong in NOT taking advantage of her considerable talent."


- David White, CEO of Spectrum Events Edmonton



"Let me tell you about design expertise. Anya316 has transformed some of our most innovative designs into something truly magnificent. Her ground up concepts were very cleanly executed, professional products that brought Intrepid Longboards from fancy toys to rolling art!"


 - Tristan Lock, Owner of Intrepid Longboards

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